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All of Your Moving Questions Answered

Whether you are planning on making a local or interstate move, you likely have questions about the process and what to expect along the way. This is normal and we always do our best to make sure that we provide you with the answers you need. Below, we invite you to browse through our FAQ section to see if any of the answers there are helpful to you. If you find that you need additional help, do not hesitate to call us at 973-828-8395.

Do you offer estimates?

Yes, we do provide estimates that are free of charge. One of the things that sets us apart from other moving companies is that our estimates include all of the charges related to your move and you do not have to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges along the way. There are no fuel surcharges, no sales taxes, and no fees for weekends or stairs.

Is Essex County Moving Companies licensed and insured?

Yes. Essex County Moving Companies is fully licensed and insured for your protection. We believe that you should be able to trust the Essex County movers you hire. Each one of our team members is trained, experienced, and skilled in moving all types of items.

Can my dogs go in the moving truck with you?

Our Essex County moving services are not designed to transport live animals on the truck. You will not be able to place any of your pets inside of our moving truck and you must find some other way to transport them to your new home. The reason we will not take them with us is because it is not safe for your pets to be in the back of the truck. Secondly, it can become very hot or cold in the back of the truck, which may affect your pet negatively.

Is there a list of prohibited items?

Yes, there is a list of prohibited items and these items are unable to go onto our moving trucks due to the risk involved with them. You can transport the prohibited items on your own, but our movers will not be able to take them. Some of these items include live pets or plants, cleaning chemicals, flammable items, and the like.

If you would like to receive a copy of our prohibited items, please call our office today.

Can you move a glass fish tank?

Our Essex County moving company CAN and will move a glass fish tank for you, but only on a couple of conditions. First, the fish need to be removed from the tank and placed in a safe place, as we cannot take them with us on the truck. Secondly, you will need to remove ALL water and accessories from the tank too. If those things are done, then we can move the aquarium for you without a problem and our movers will take the necessary steps to protect the glass.